Four Ways to Help Create an Abundance Mindset

We like to believe in an “abundance mindset”, that is, the belief that there is enough praise, love, success, and business out there for everybody. It correlates to the belief that when it comes to business or family, 1 + 1 > 2, and as Stephen Covey famously noted, results in the sharing of wealth, prestige, and power.

This is opposed to a scarcity mindset, in which people believe there is only pie from which we share, thus, every piece you get takes away from what I might get. It is easy to see how a scarcity mindset could result in jealousy and an inefficient business model.

My first known experience with an abundance mindset happened naturally, not by choice, and I wrote a about it in my book to my children, Every Day is Christmas. The book contains a chapter titled, My love is not a pie. Several years after having one child, my wife and I were excited to learn that we would be having another child. However, I had this lingering concern and thought – I have never loved anything or anyone as much as I loved my daughter, so what will happen when child #2 is born? Specifically, I wondered whether I would be forced to share my time, love, thoughts, and affections. However, an amazing thing happened: when child #2 was born, there was absolutely no decrease in love, thoughts or affections for my daughter; rather, I simply had more of everything for both children. It was a beautiful feeling and it happened completely naturally. In fact, we liked the feeling so much, we – fortunately – had two more children!

Your workplace environment and business operations can be aided tremendously by cultivating an abundance mindset in your business, and here are four ways to help you get there:

  1. Offer Words of Encouragement. Let people know how much you appreciate them, and how every individual is important to the team.
  2. See Opportunities, not Obstacles. Rather than focusing on obstacles as an excuse, view obstacles as opportunities to create something new or as personal challenges to succeed.
  3. Put People in a Position to Succeed. By capitalizing on individual strengths, team members are more likely to be productive, and less likely to exhibit jealousy and fear.
  4. Create Team Goals. Individual goals are important, and lead to accountability; however, it is also helpful to have team goals. Team goals ensure everyone is rowing in the same direction, and often lead to greater productivity and exponential growth.
Joe Fournier

Joe Fournier

Joseph E. Fournier is an Attorney and a CPA who has more than twenty years experience advising and leading companies and individuals in a variety of capacities.

Joe received his law degree from the University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill School of Law and his Accounting degree from the University of Rhode Island. He is admitted to practice law in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island, and he is a CPA. He is an Adjunct Professor and lecturer at the University level and has been a frequent speaker on business planning and legal matters.
Joe Fournier
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