The team at Fournier Legal Services would like to make 2015 the year we help you, your family, and your business plan for a better future.

Business – Corporate Counsel

Your business deserves a partner who understands the challenges you face every day. Fournier Legal Services can be the solution if you do not want or need a full-time general counsel, but you are tired of paying high hourly rates for detached, risk-averse legal advice. We rely on decades of legal and business experience to provide recommendations and services that help your business grow and succeed. Whether you, or your clients, need assistance setting up a business, improving profitability, preparing for litigation, or with any other business-related legal issues, we can be part of the solution.

Estate Planning

When you have estate planning needs, we address them with compassion and efficiency. We understand that the estate planning process can be daunting for anyone. Regardless of whether you are a new parent preparing for your first child, or a grandparent looking for peace of mind for the next generation, you have many options, and likely even more questions. This is why we listen and then blend our technical skills with a compassionate approach to ensure that we provide straightforward and practical advice for you and your loved ones.