Business Planning

Business Planning

Business planning is complex, and you deserve a partner who understands the challenges of how to navigate the legal issues you and your business face every day. Fournier Legal Services understands this better than other law firms. Rather than providing detached, risk-averse legal advice, we use our 20+ years of legal and business experience to listen, understand, and then help you execute by providing recommendations and services that allow you and your business to succeed and grow.

We have built a thriving mergers and acquisitions practice on the same principles that have allowed our other services areas to succeed. M&A can be complex and risky for buyers and sellers, and successful transaction execution requires balance among the legal, business, financial, and operational interests of the company. Accordingly, it is critical to engage experienced counsel who can provide practical advice throughout every aspect of the transaction. This is why our clients have selected us to represent their interests.

Business Planning Services

  • Legal counsel to represent your business
  • Mergers and acquisitions – transactional services
  • Business set up and choice of entity
  • Commercial litigation
  • Contracts
  • Employment/HR
  • Commercial Leases
  • Taxes and IRS Representation
  • Succession planning
When I needed a business plan set up with specifically designed, legally binding contracts, I was told that Joe and his team are the best and there were no other attorneys I should go to! This turned out to be great advice! My business is booming and my contracts protect me and are rock solid. Other similar businesses have since reviewed my system and complimented me on its structure and simplicity.

And oh yeah, Joe has a great demeanor, he is very ethical and a real family man which goes a long way with me. Even if he is a Red Sox fan!

Ben F.