Creating a Culture of Accountability

By Joe Fournier

We strongly advocate for the creation of a culture of accountability for our clients, primarily by using and implementing key performance indicators (KPIs) and staff rankings.

If you want to improve operational efficiency, easily identify your strong and weak performers, and fairly implement incentive-based compensation plans, then using KPIs and staff rankings is an excellent way to accomplish your objectives.

We all know that “what gets measured gets done”, so the three steps toward creating a culture of accountability are:

  1. Identify the behaviors you want to incent
  2. Measure them objectively
  3. Use the results

This system will encourage positive behavior because – although they may not like it at first – your employees will learn to understand and appreciate that they are being treated fairly. They will also understand that you are trying to grow the business, which means they will have an opportunity for job security and to be a part of something special.

It is important to remember that treating people fairly and consistently does not mean treating everyone the same. Your high performers should be treated as high performers, whether through higher pay, opportunities for promotion, or more job security, and your low performers should be treated as low performers. This is important because as word gets out over time, certain performance standards will become the norm.

When you use the results to create an employee incentive compensation plan, and when bonuses are only awarded to the higher performers – rather than guaranteed and expected – you are sending a message that you get paid for showing up to work, but you only get a bonus if you do a really good job.

You will see that creating a culture of accountability will ensure your company has its best employees operating at their peak performance and is maximizing its profit margin potential.

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