Four Favorite Leadership Phrases

There are many wonderful motivational phrases that we read and see every day. Each one is an excellent reminder of how to approach and enjoy life, how to treat others, and how to LEAD your team. This week, we decided to share four of our favorites with you. These are not original, but they are excellent! We review these daily in our office as a reminder for how we run our business, how to treat our customers and partners, and for generally approaching how we live our lives.

1. Choose your attitude.

Choose to be an energy-giver rather than an energy-taker.

2. Listen to others.

You learn far more – and people will like you far more – if your mouth is closed and your ears are open.

3. Enjoy the moment.

Focus on, and enjoy, the present. The past is history and the future is a mystery, but the present is a gift (that is why it is called a “present”).

4. Focus on Solutions, not Obstacles.

Rather than wasting time talking about the reasons why we cannot do something; we choose to focus our efforts on ways to say Yes, rather than No.

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