Four Reasons to Implement “Less Paper” Business Policies

In an era when tablets, laptops and the cloud reign supreme, consolidating files and information digitally has never been easier. Implementing a “less paper” policy in the office helps to eliminate clutter and prioritize business organization while increasing efficiency. Establishing a less paper policy by going digital, by saving documents in an easily-accessible cloud, also gives clients the opportunity to access files regarding their legal or business matters from any location worldwide.


Here are four reasons to consider implementing a “less paper” environment through the digital storage of office documents. 


  1. Improve operational efficiency and reduce costs. A “less paper” policy can save money on file storage space, rent, and supplies, and increase physical office space. Going paperless can also help to establish a more efficient operational environment for your employees when they can quickly and reliably access documents at any time and from any location. Staff will be more productive, and will spend less time walking around, in the mail room, or at the copy machine.  


  1. File Longevity. Storing documents in the cloud can ensure that all your materials are saved and accessible wherever and whenever you need them. The files are scanned into a central location and can be accessed by anyone with the privileges to do so, and you have virtually eliminated the risk of losing the files. 


  1. Allow key people to work remotely. Allowing key people to work remotely has many benefits, including, for example: the ability to hire more talent that may not be local, enhance your ability to grow and expand your business, allow you to open new offices and work effectively between offices, allow you to monitor what is happening at remote office locations, and, possibly, improving morale and lowering turnover by allowing employees to spend more time effectively working away from the office. 


  1. Create a Modern Business Environment. A “less paper” office will be perceived as more modern and environmentally friendly. Certainly, your co-workers and customers will be impressed at the lean, organized look of your office when there is less paper lying around, and when transactions are handled quickly via email and the use of PDF files. 


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