Four Reasons why Customer Service is Important to your Business

estateplanning_1100x500By Joe Fournier

Four Reasons why Customer Service is Important to your Business

There are two main ways to improve the operations of a business: increase sales or decrease costs (and improve profit margin). A great way to improve sales, without spending additional funds on marketing, is to improve your customer service. Here are four reasons why customer service is important to your business.

1. Builds Trust

Great customer service consists of treating customers well, answering questions, and exceeding their expectations. When a customer feels that they are able to trust a business they will stay loyal to a company – but they need a good reason to. Businesses should under promise and over deliver. Great customer service helps businesses attract customers and build strong relationships.

2. The Customer Experience – via Customer Service – Often Matters More than Price

The customer experience is more important than price. Many customers who receive a great experience are willing to pay more. (This is essential: keeping loyal customers coming back for more is much less expensive than getting new customers!.) So, the goal is to have existing customers coming back and creating referrals for your business.

3. Referrals

Referrals can be one of the most powerful attributes to your business. Word of mouth referrals can potentially make or break your business. If your team provides the best customer service they can, your customers will talk. They will remember your brand and examples of how they were impressed. If a customer is thrilled with the service, then you are increasing the likelihood of a referral.

4. Manage Mistakes

Every business is going to encounter issues no matter how hard it tries to avoid them. It is impossible to run a perfect business with perfect customers. However, when customers know that they can voice their opinions and complaints – and that they are being “heard” – then it can become easier for you to address those issues to ensure they will be handled properly. Customers feel more comfortable doing business with you when they know you care about their thoughts.

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