thoughtleaderBecoming a thought leader may be an important part of your company’s growth strategy. If you expose yourself and your brand to more people, then you are more likely to retain the “top of mind awareness” that may not be measurable, but that is so important to your bottom line.

Here are some strategies to employ that are likely to help your brand ascend to, or remain at, the top of your industry’s thought leadership perch.

  1. Content. Publish free, organic and valuable content and make it easy to access. We are all inundated with free content that we did not ask to receive; however, if you are able to publish valuable content, then you are establishing not only brand awareness, but also credibility. Examples of such content include: blog posts on your website, Facebook posts, Twitter feeds, email newsletters and videos. Also, don’t make your target audience fill out a bunch of forms or create new user names and passwords to access content. All you need is an email address and/or telephone number. If you simplify the process and provide worthwhile content, your users will want more.
  2. Social Media. Use social media intelligently. I think the greatest value of using social media for brand awareness is actually the most simple level: people need to know what you are doing/offering. If you reiterate your value offering by establishing a presence in your field, then your audience is more likely to think of you the next time they need the services you provide. It is less “in your face” and more “this is what I do in case you ever need it.”
  3. Speak. Speak at Every Opportunity. By putting yourself in front of the right audiences at seminars, conventions and conferences, you further brand yourself as an expert in your field. You can use these forums to improve brand awareness, and possibly to also push or sell your services. Similar, if you get an opportunity to teach, e.g., at a university, community college or technical school, then use the platform to improve both brand awareness and credibility.
  4. Have an opinion. Take a stand, and don’t be afraid to be controversial. It is hardly remarkable or special to be the same as everyone else. Not everyone will like you, but “everyone” is not your target market. Don’t fake it you must remain genuine – but find your voice, support your opinions and become a leader with your thoughts.

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