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Four Things to Know about Trademarks – Part 2

As noted in our prior writings, clients often ask us whether they should get a trademark for their business. The answer is usually “yes”, but the considerations – especially regarding whether to register the trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) – may be complicated; however, the considerations are also fun to tackle, especially when a business owner is excited about future growth opportunities. Here are four important things to know about the registration of your trademarks.

  1. Use your marks. Trademark rights are created through use, not registration. If you use it first, if your mark is truly distinctive, and if you use it within a particular industry, then you are usually the rightful owner of the mark, even if someone else beats you to the finish line of federal registration via the US PTO.  Use also gives you the right to include the TM and SM symbols on your mark.
  2. Application. An applicant obtains a federal registration by filing an application with the USPTO. The most common bases for federal registration are (a) actual use or (b) intent to use. For actual use, you must submit examples of your actual use in commerce. The intent-to-use procedure gives you the benefit of constructive-use priority based upon the application date.
  3. Registration benefits. Federal registration of your marks does provide additional benefits. The principal benefits: (a) the right to use the registered trademark symbol: ®, (b) the right to file an infringement lawsuit, if necessary, in federal court, and (c) a legal presumption that you own the mark and have the exclusive right to use it.
  4. Continued use. After a mark is registered, the owner must protect the mark by properly using it, by monitoring use of the mark and monitoring confusingly similar marks by others, and by maintaining federal registration via the periodic filing of declarations of use and payment of maintenance fees.

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