Four Ways to Oversee your Case Management Team and Paralegals

By Joe Fournier

Here are four things you can be doing within your law firm to help improve profitability and increase value.

1. Training

Training a new case manager or paralegal does not end with orientation. On-board training is a unique opportunity for your staff to learn more and improve their knowledge about your firm and its culture. Staff should always be developing meaningful and continuing education – for your firm – with guidance from attorneys, senior case managers, and law firm consultants. Law firm consultants can conduct individual coaching sessions to address performance issues as they arise along with providing learning resources, training sessions, and focus groups.

2. Workflow

Firms vary greatly on how much involvement and input is expected from its staff with regard to operational workflow and best practices. However, because they see a variety of clients, law firm consultants are in a good position to decipher how to keep workflow moving, minimize errors, and increase overall efficiency.

3. Productivity and Profitability

Case managers and paralegals, if utilized properly, can be significant contributors to a law firm. To maximize efficiency, staff should do everything an attorney does not have to do. Many firms consider this extremely important for the profitability of their practices. Law firm consultants can develop a major profit center for a law firm by carefully and effectively managing productivity.

4. Performance and Review

It is necessary to implement structure for a successful law firm. A performance based program can increase productivity and show your staff that you value them. Valued employees will keep clients satisfied and your projects moving forward. Don’t be afraid to “be the boss” – your team and your clients will thank you for it in the long run.

Overseeing your team effectively may lead to improved profits and higher valuation for your firm. Please contact Fournier Legal Services at or 860.670.3535 now for a free consultation and planning session.