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New Sexual Harassment Law in CT – 4 Takeaways

Now that a new CT law which imposes significant additional obligations on employers is in effect, we would like to summarize 4 key takeaways regarding the new law. 

1) Training – All Employers

Previously, Connecticut law previously required that only employers with at least 50 employees provide sexual harassment training to supervisors. Now, employers with at least three employees must provide training to all employees, by October 1, 2020 (or within six months of hire, whichever is later), unless the employer had already provided such training after October 1, 2018. 

2) Training – Small Employers

All employers, even those with fewer than three employees, must provide sexual harassment training to supervisors by October 1, 2020, or within six months of their assumption of supervisory duties, whichever is later. 

3) Notice/Posting

Employers with at least three employees already must post in a prominent and accessible location information on the illegality of sexual harassment and remedies available to victims of harassment. Employers now must also provide a copy of that information to each employee and send the information to each employee by email with a subject line that includes the words “Sexual Harassment Policy” or similar words.  

4) General

In addition to the above the new law also: imposes monetary fines for violations, limits corrective action an employer can take in response to an allegation of sexual harassment, extends the statute of limitations for filing a CHRO claim, and expands potential damages that can be assessed by the CHRO and, if a complaint is filed in court, the damages a court may award. 

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