PPP Loan Forgiveness (Part 2 of 2)

Hopefully you have successfully navigated round one or round two of PPP loan funding. Now, you may want to take advantage of the loan forgiveness provisions – how does forgiveness work?


  • The amount forgiven may not exceed the principal amount of the loan,
  • Forgiveness may be equal to costs incurred and payments made during the eight-week period commencing on the loan origination date for allowable costs*,
  • Forgiveness will be reduced for employee headcount or compensation reductions, and 
  • Relief may be available for employers who rehire employees or otherwise make up for wage reductions by June 30.

Key point: maximum forgiveness may only be achieved if you spend at least 75 percent of the proceeds on allowable payroll costs* in the eight-week period. For example: if your loan is $1M, then you must spend at least $750k on payroll costs. Likewise, if your loan is $20,000, then spend at least $15,000 on payroll costs (to maximize forgiveness). However, if you spend less than 75 percent on payroll, or more than 25 percent on non-payroll, you may still achieve significant forgiveness, with favorable loan terms for the remainder.

For example, if your loan is $1M, and you spend $600k on payroll costs, then your maximum forgiveness amount would be $800k (not taking into account headcount reductions) and the remaining $200k would be a low interest loan from the government.

The various formulas and scenarios are company-specific and may get complicated; however, we can help you navigate this in advance while you are planning, and at the end when you are applying for forgiveness.

*See prior blog post, PPP Loan Forgiveness Part 1 of 2

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