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What is personal injury?

Personal injury encompasses a variety of injuries to an individual, including the more obvious such as injury to one’s body resulting from a fall or a car accident. However, it can also include emotional injuries which result from the underlying traumatic event and impact the injured party’s daily life. Such personal injuries can result when one or more people or entities cause injury to another person when caused by certain activities including reckless behavior, negligence, or intentional harm on the part of the wrongdoer.

Why should you hire Fournier Legal Services?

Shawn P. Dontigney has substantial personal injury experience. As a former casualty claims adjuster prior to practicing law, Shawn has personally investigated, evaluated, and settled hundreds of bodily injury claims on behalf of insurance companies. Consequently, he developed keen insight into how insurance companies “work” in terms of how they manage, evaluate, value, settle and litigate personal injury claims.

As an attorney over the course of his 20-year legal career, Shawn has successfully utilized that experience in order to maximize the value of his clients’ personal injury claims, whether by settlement or in litigation. He has effectively obtained six-figure recoveries for many of the clients he has represented, whether they were injured in automobile accidents, as a result of manufacturer defective products, and under the Federal Employer Liability Act.

Shawn is here to aid you if you need or think you may need a personal injury attorney. Our FLS team has the resources necessary to fully investigate these claims so we can determine liability, accurately calculate damages, and help injured people secure the money they deserve.

Shawn P. Dontigney

Why should you hire Fournier Legal Services?

Justin Krajeski has more than 7 years of experience working with a variety of legal areas, one of which is personal injury.

In his experience working with personal injury cases, he has been able to recover six-figure settlements for clients and he leaves a positive impression with whom he interacts.

Justin is fully equipped with the resources and knowledge to help clients with their personal injury needs.

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