4 Reasons to Hire Fournier Legal Services

When you need legal services in East Haven and New Haven, CT, choose a law firm that you can count on. Our clients love working with us because...

  1. We have extensive combined legal experience
  2. We use an electronic portal to make your documents accessible 24/7
  3. We price our legal services competitively
  4. We provide efficient and personalized service

Work with attorneys who care about the outcome of your case. Choose Fournier Legal Services the next time you need legal counsel.

What Sets Us Apart

We are a modern, client-centric law firm that utilizes the most recent and best-in-class technology to service our clients efficiently. This approach allows us to provide exceptional legal services and an exceptional customer experience.

Further, we are the rare law firm that has removed the inefficiency of an outdated legal services model, so we can be a key advisor without inflating your legal bills. In other words, we charge less than some other firms because we utilize technology to increase efficiency and lower overhead. You pay less without sacrificing the quality of the work.

Rather than paying high rates for legal counsel whose interests are not aligned with yours, when you engage with Fournier Legal Services, you are working with a firm that supports and furthers your business strategy.

"We are a New Haven-area business that relies on Fournier Legal Services for many of our recurring legal needs - they have a unique perspective on how to manage our company's risk, while still keeping an eye on our profits. They also have a wonderful staff with outstanding customer service - not your typical law firm!"
- George L.

For Example:

  • We give clients access to a secure client portal, where they can access their important documents, message us, and make payments online 24/7
  • Clients can electronically sign almost all documents online and from remote locations
  • We believe in a "less paper" philosophy - improved efficiency, improved security and longevity of your files, lower overhead costs for us means lower legal bills for you, and environmentally friendly
  • Less reliance on mailing - we can service you faster and spend more time on legal, rather than administrative, matters
  • Improved customer service - we care - individual and personalized service in a friendly environment
  • Client responsiveness - we respond to all client inquiries within 24 hours - every client, all the time