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About our Attorney Transitions Practice™

We work with transitioning attorneys who:

  1. Want to GROW their practice by looking for opportunities to merge with another firm, or
  2. Want to EXIT the practice of law and capitalize on the value of the asset they have built.

Grow – Merger or Purchase

Why merge into, or purchase, another law firm?

  1. Gain market share by strategically acquiring another law firm’s clients,
  2. Combine skill sets to increase client base and fee revenue,
  3. Combine operations to reduce costs and increase profit margins,
  4. Affordable – purchasing a law firm often does not require a significant upfront payment.


Why sell your law firm, or wind down in an of-counsel capacity with another firm?

  1. Your value is as high as it will get: client base, referral sources, technical knowledge.
  2. Other law firms will recognize - and pay for - the value you have created.
  3. Improved quality of life – less stress about employees, payroll, utilities, insurance.
  4. Your current attorney team cannot purchase your firm – they are either (a) not equipped to run a firm, or (b) not at the right life stage to purchase your practice.

Contact Us Today

If you are an attorney that is interested in transitioning by either growing your firm, or by exiting your practice, then please reach out to us so we can discuss your options, and ways we may be able to help you achieve your transitioning goals.