Outside Corporate Counsel Services

Turn to Fournier Legal Services for Help with your Outside Corporate Counsel Services in East Haven & New Haven, CT and Norwood, MA

Joseph Fournier

Our Outsourced Corporate Counsel Services model is a unique approach to legal services for growing and mature businesses. We have a team of senior business lawyers with substantial in-house experience who provide legal services at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time, executive-level general counsel or relying exclusively on traditional experienced law firm counsel. Our clients typically develop a working relationship with one FLS lawyer, but have access to the whole team for specific expertise.

Our Clients

Our clients who use these services typically fall into one of two main categories:

  1. Companies that need regular ongoing legal support, but do not need a full-time executive level GC, or
  2. Companies with a GC that do not wish to add any more FTEs to their overhead.

Also, while our clients generally do have law firms that they use (and often like using), those firms are too expensive and not fast/nimble enough in responding for day-to-day legal work.

Our Fees

We prefer to structure our billing arrangement as a fixed monthly fee that covers a set number of dedicated hours. In return for the monthly commitment, the blended hourly rate for the services is likely to be 1/3 of what a traditional law firm would charge for the same services. However, we are flexible, and will consider other billing arrangements that make sense for our clients.